2021 YMCA of Greater Charlotte Annual TeamRaiser Campaign

Albemarle Corporation Send a Kid to Camp


In our community, the zip code you’re born into can determine your future.

That means two kids growing up at the same time – often just a few blocks from one another – wind up living worlds apart, even if their zip codes differ by just one number.

At Camp, we know that a number should never define – or limit – anyone. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

YMCA Camps Harrison and Thunderbird combined have over 100 summers of campers coming from literally all over the world.  A camper could potentially have a cabin mate from across the street or across the ocean! This diversity provides opportunity for reflection, perspective, and inclusion. 

Camp is a place where every day is an adventure!  It’s a place where kids get to be kids.  Whether spending a day on the water, up high in the tree tops on the Challenge Course, hiking to a waterfall or a mountaintop overlook, campers learn about their new friends, their natural surroundings and about themselves.   

Dusk - that magical time between light and dark, when campers circle up on a cabin porch celebrating goals reached, sharing each other’s struggles, and reflecting on lessons learned.  And finally at day’s end, serenaded by the soundtrack of nature’s night, campers drift off to sleep somewhere between reliving today’s adventures and the anticipation of what tomorrow will hold. 

We believe ALL children deserve the opportunity to live this greatest adventure called Camp. Through your support, we can ensure this life-changing experience is provided – regardless of who a child is or where they live. 

Contributions are part of our Annual Campaign.  To maximize impact, your gift may be rolled over to benefit campers in the next year.



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