2020 YMCA of Greater Charlotte Annual TeamRaiser Campaign

My Brother's Keeper Charlotte-Mecklenburg


My Brother’s Keeper Charlotte-Mecklenburg (MBK-CLT MECK) is committed to improving outcomes for boys and young men of color by serving as the backbone organization of a collective impact effort. MBK-CLT MECK will work to support policies and organizations that address persistent opportunity gaps and help to ensure that all of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s boys and young men of color have the opportunity to achieve. Learn more >>

In its launch year, MBK-CLT MECK will serve 5th and 8th graders from the 28208 West Charlotte zip code. Informed by the Leading on Opportunity data, this is the most challenged neighborhood in the county. And according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools data, 6th and 8th grades are the two most important years to build a bridge that allows young boys to reach not just high school graduation, but to dream of entering the workforce and pursuing career goals. The program will serve one-third boys with a GPA below 2.0; one-third with GPAs 2.0 – 3.0; and one-third with a GPA above 3.0.

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The YMCA has agreed to be the fiscal sponsor while we develop the long term structure and non-profit status for MBKCLT Meck. Therefore as the YMCA of Greater Charlotte is a 501c(3) charitable organization, your contribution is fully tax deductible to the extent of the law.


























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